Get involved

There are lots of ways you can get involved with Wildlife in Tower Hamlets – either through volunteering, attending one of our many Wild Events in Wild Places that are held throughout the year, or by recording wildlife that you see – but, perhaps most importantly, your involvement can start in your own garden.

‘Gardens and Grounds’ is one of the four habitat action plans for the Tower Hamlets Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP). Together gardens and grounds make up around 28% of the land use of the borough (compared to 10.9% for our parks), a significant total.

Many of these areas are of low habitat value but with active public involvement they can become a rich network of green corridors for biodiversity to expand and flourish. Animals can move easily from one to another and seeds can be spread forming potentially rich and important habitats for wildlife.

If, like the majority of residents in Tower Hamlets, you do not have any outside space, you may like to consider creating a window box. These can be excellent for wildlife. This link to the BBC website may provide inspiration.