Bulbs for bees in Weavers Fields


The Council’s parks service arranged for Dutch bulb company Lubbe & Sons to plant 200 square metres of their Bee Mix in Weavers Fields. The specially developed Bees Mix consists of a number of bulbs that provide nectar for bees and butterflies. These include crocuses, glory-of-the-snow, squill, grape hyacinth and naturalising tulips. These will produce a colourful display from February through to May.

The bulbs were machine-planted in metre-wide strips in the north-west of the park. Machine planting gets the bulbs deeper than hand planting, while causing less disturbance to the ground. This makes it much harder for squirrels to find the bulbs, an important factor to consider when planting crocuses and tulips, which squirrels love to eat.

Header photo by Mohammed Raja


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