New dead wood habitats created at Mudchute


Habitat enhancements at Mudchute continue apace! Following on from the new ponds and orchard, and the restoration of grassland on the southern slope, some super new dead wood habitats have been created.


The new Mudchute loggery (John Archer)

Groups of volunteers have created a dead hedge between the new wetland and the rest of the Village Green field. As well as improving safety by restricting access to the ponds, this will provide food and shelter for birds, small mammals and a host of invertebrates. Nearby, a loggery has been built in a shady spot at the base of the bank. This will provide more food for insects and fungi which eat dead wood. These projects have made excellent use of logs and branches from trees which were felled for safety reasons or to reduce shading of important habitats.

For more details and lots more photos, see the Mudchute Blog.

Header photograph: the Mudchute dead hedge (Justine Aw)


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