Lower Regents Coalition 2017


Dave Bedford and Molly Gadenz of the Lower Regents Coalition write:

So another year draws to a close for the Lower Regents Coalition. At times we wondered how much we were getting done but looking back on our record, it shows we actually achieved a lot! With help from all our volunteers we:

  • Ran 24 events, where you contributed roughly 1500 hours;
  • Collected over 400 bags of general rubbish from in and around the canal;
  • Planted 12 metres of reedbeds;
  • Weeded and maintained our floating planters and coir rolls in the canal;
  • Dug out and prepared two 150m2 wildflower meadows;
  • Planted six trees, hundreds of bulbs. wildflower plugs and seeds in both meadows;
  • Installed a fence around the offside meadow;
  • Removed graffiti from 800 metres of building walls overlooking the canal;
  • Installed a bin on the towpath outside the Ragged School Museum’s cafe;
  • Carried out lots of general maintenance.

Not bad going! And we couldn’t have done any of it without all the time and effort of our volunteers. We cannot thank you all enough.

Looking ahead we hope to continue developing the meadows and trying to carry our good works forward and do some new plantings further up and down the canal. To find out how you can help, please e-mail us or check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We hope to see lots of you out there again in 2018 and wish you a happy and peaceful New Year.



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