An orchard in Bob’s Park


Charlotte Tottenham of the Bromley by Bow Centre writes:

A big thank you to all the lovely tree planters and orchard-helpers for your enthusiasm and energy in planting the Bromley by Bow Community Orchard yesterday. And another big thank you to The Orchard Project for all their support, including funding our orchard and running the planting day. Bob’s Park is now home to apple trees, cherry trees, quinces, rare and little-known medlar trees, four jostaberry bushes, two elderberries and many more yummy fruiting varieties, which will be in the Park for everyone to share for years to come. We were so grateful for all of your help and it was nice to see some new folks in Bob’s Park as well as welcome back some familiar faces. We really couldn’t have done it without your help and support, so THANK YOU!

For those wanting to know more about the work of the Bromley by Bow Centre and the Orchard Project, here are some links to follow:

  • To keep in touch with the Bromley by Bow Centre, our website or the twitter page are your best bet;
  • Keep up with The Orchard Project on their website;
  • At the Bromley by Bow Centre we run a garden group two afternoons a week, if you’d like to find out more about this, including possible volunteering opportunities, please email Hannah Leigh Mackie.

Finally, do swing by Bob’s Park any time to talk to the trees, admire your handiwork and, in a couple of years, pick some fruit!

Note: “Bob’s Park” is the commonly used name for Bromley Recreation Ground, and is named after long-time park keeper Bob Grenfell.

Tree planting in Bob's Park



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