Arnold’s Green Circus – Welcoming Wildlife


The Friends of Arnold Circus write:

Since the start of its Restoration Project in 2010, the Friends of Arnold Circus, together with other local volunteers and the generous support of funders like the Tower Hill Trust, have been maintaining Arnold Circus (Boundary Gardens) so that it is more of a garden and less of a “municipal green space”. Thanks to all that hard work it is today a well-maintained oasis of calm, just steps from the nightclubs of Shoreditch, which attracts users all year round. It is popular as a meeting place for the local community, a lunchtime venue for those working in the area, and a wonder to visitors.

The Friends applied for a Tower Habitats Biodiversity Grant from the Tower Hill Trust in order to add colour and variety to Arnold Circus and thereby to increase biodiversity in the area. This has been a great opportunity to make a significant difference to the planting and support the potential for an extension to the wildlife corridor in this urban area.

Our specific aims for the project were to:

  • Add more perennial plants
  • Create a hedgerow
  • Increase the number of evergreens and plants with berries
  • Provide additional bird boxes
  • Install bat boxes

The project took place over five months from May to September 2018. You can read the full report on the project here.


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