Cable Street Community Garden – 2020 gallery


Jane Sill of Cable Street Community Garden writes:

It’s been such a strange year, but very beautiful one, nature-wise! I’m sure the lockdown has created many more birdwatchers and people interested in the environment. The birds and bugs are thriving in Cable Street Community Garden. Here is a selection of pictures that demonstrate how the Garden has brought peace and beauty to our members throughout the year.

All photos by Jane Sill, click to enlarge. Header photo: April in the Garden

Woman and baby in front of a greenhouse

February: Roisin & Sean by the greenhouse

Photo of planter in front of shed

April: Sally’s planter – no weeds allowed!

Photo of an old bath used as a planter

April: spring bath

Photo of an allotment garden

April: Anna’s plot at Easter

Photo of man in front of cherry tree with blossom

April: Chris with bird cherry

Photo of gardener wearing protective face mask and gloves

April: Martin in full lockdown gear

Photo of a flower bed

April: spring in the Garden

Photo of an allotment garden

April: path through Jane’s plot

Photo of St Mary's Church from Cable Street Community Garden with spring blossom

April: spring sunshine

Photo of an allotment garden with railway arch behind

May: spring promise

Photo of prayer flags on an allotment garden

May: Jane’s prayer flags

Photo of a woman sitting in an allotment garden

June: Begona admires her work

Photo of mother and child beside a planter

June: our first planter

Photo of an allotment garden

June: poppies and roses

Photo of giant viper's bugloss

June: giant viper’s bugloss

Photo of an allotment garden

August: artichokes & rosemary

Photo of a raised planter with vegetables growing

August: 6-year-old Louie’s raised bed

Photo of a family in a garden

August: Roisin, Sean & Sheila

Photo of man and dog in allotment garden

September: Peter & Poppy

Photo of a sunflower

September: Summer cheer

Photo of a sunset

July: sunset over the garden



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