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The Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park write:

You told us what you wanted and we listened! Starting this Friday 3rd April, the FoTHCP will be hosting a series of 30minute topical online talks on subjects ranging from Cemetery Park’s nature and heritage to African hyenas.

Online talks are a new venture for us, so we look forward to engaging with you in a different and exciting way. We can’t wait to share our love for the Cemetery Park with you, even if we are stuck in our own homes!

These online talks are free, however, we ask you to consider giving a donation at the point of ticket checkout. We are currently fundraising to help our charity get through the COVID-19 outbreak. Please book your tickets, and make a donation if you can, via the Ticket Tailor website. The talks will be held via Zoom.

Note: these online talks are not delivered in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. Because of Government restrictions we are delivering them from our homes.

Friday 3 April 2020, 6:30-7:00 pm: Discover Our Nature & Heritage

In the first talk we invite you to meet the Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park’s three full-time members of staff: Ken, Michelle and Suzanna. Over 30 minutes, we will each introduce ourselves and the work we do, give a potted history of the Cemetery Park and deliver a Q&A session. Please have a think about any questions you want to ask us – we will do our best to answer them. Also, please share any of your Cemetery Park photos with us during the talk. Book tickets and please donate if possible.

Friday 10 April 2020, 6:30-7:00 pm: Hyena Talk

Spotted Hyenas

We invite you to a talk by Michelle Lindson, one of The Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park’s full-time staff members. As well as being our Community Outreach Coordinator, she has extensive experience studying wild spotted hyenas in Africa. Join Michelle’s 30 minute talk as she introduces her favourite animal. Discover many interesting facts which might (/will!) leave you feeling differently about this misunderstood mammal. There will be time for Michelle to answer questions after her talk. DISCLAIMER: Part of this talk is about spotted hyena genitalia (one of the most fascinating things about this animal!). Only scientific language will be used to discuss this topic and Michelle will give a warning when images are about to be shown. Book tickets and please donate if possible.

Friday 17 April 2020, 6:30-7:00 pm: Park Poetry

In the third talk, we invite you to meet the Poet in Residence at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, Nelson Brooks. Nelson will discuss how he got involved with the park, he’ll read a few of his poems and discuss how we’ve reached out to the community through poetry. There will be time for Nelson to answer questions after his talk. Book tickets and please donate if possible.

Further talks on local wildlife, growing food in small spaces, bees, butterflies, our Nature & Us project, wild flowers and trees will run throught April and May. Full details are on the Ticket Tailor website.

If you can’t join any of the talks, but would still like to help the Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park get through the huge challenge and loss of inclome created by the COVID-19 outbreak, please donate to our Survival Appeal.

Header photo: Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (FoTHCP)

Spotted Hyena photo by Michelle Lindson


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