New floating habitat in the Limehouse Cut


Ben Fenton of Thames21 writes:

Thames21 volunteers have installed a 36-metre-long floating ecosystem on the Limehouse Cut, close to Bartlett Park. This will bring new habitats to the area, and improve the biodiversity of this section of the canal, which currently lacks aquatic vegetation.

The floating rafts have been planted with a variety of native wetland plants, including Purple Loosestrife, Marsh Marigold, Water Mint, sedges and more. These will provide cover for water birds and other wildlife, as well as an attractive green edge to the canal with some colourful flowers. The plant roots will hang into the water, improving water quality and providing a place for fish to spawn.

Photos by Tony O’Dell – click to enlarge

Constructing a vegetated raft

Constructing the raft

Installing floating raft in canal

Launching the raft

Installing vegetated raft in canal

Adding the vegetated coir mat

Vegetated raft in canal

Part of the completed raft

Thames21 volunteers

Happy volunteers


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