New hedge at Prospect Park


James Squires from TCV, The Conservation Volunteers, writes:

On Friday 19 November, a small group of volunteers from building company Wates, together with staff from TCV, attended Prospect Park in Bow to plant a new hedge along the southern perimeter wall and push on with the meadow creation on the northern side of the park. A double row of native tree whips, including hazel, hawthorn, beech and buckthorn, was planted, totaling just short of 500 trees. In years to come, these will provide an attractive green screen between the park and the road, absorbing pollutants and reducing noise. Additionally, the hedge will provide habitat for a wide range of native species, not least the Brimstone butterfly which relies heavily on buckthorn as a caterpillar food plant.

The meadow too will be a haven for wildlife, occupying as it does a sunny south-facing aspect. The first half of the meadow was planted by Hackney & Tower Hamlets Friends of the Earth in spring 2020, just before the pandemic hit. A TCV group of corporate volunteers planted most of the remaining half in October, and we nearly completed it on 19 November.


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