New ponds at Bethnal Green NR


Amphibians in Bethnal Green received a big boost this week, with four new ponds in Bethnal Green Nature Reserve.

Installing pondsThanks to a generous grant from the Tower Hill Trust, six hardy volunteers from Nomad Projects and the Teesdale & Hollybush TRA braved several cold, wet days to dig out a sizeable area close to the existing pond. The hole was covered with an impervious liner then partly filled with soil, before the four pre-formed fibreglass ponds were installed. This will create a wetland around the ponds, providing new habitat for a host of wildlife.

Ponds at Bethnal Green NRThe ponds and surrounding wetland were planted with a wide variety of native plants. Logs were arranged around the ponds to discourage foxes from trying to dig underneath them, and to provide cover for amphibians. Two further ponds and more native plants will be introduced in the spring.

The project is a follow-up to Nomad’s highly successful Phytology project, which introduced a meadow of native medicinal plants to the nature reserve. The new ponds will ensure the target in the Local Biodiversity Action Plan to create five new ponds in the borough by 2019 is achieved by the end of 2015.

All photos (c) Nomad Projects


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