Phoenix Fly at Weavers Fields


Local entomologist Gino Brignoli of Ecology Field Notes writes:

Back in May this year I found a Phoenix Fly (Dorycera graminum) at Weavers Fields. One of the picture-winged flies, this species favours rough grassland with lots of Cow Parsley and other umbellifers, but not much is known about its biology. I found it in amongst the longer grasses that had been left around one of the clumps of birch trees at the northern end of the park. This is a widespread but generally scarce species which is graded as Near Threatened, is listed as a Priority Species for conservation in England under Section 41 of the Countryside & Rights of Way Act 200. The record has recently been verified by fly expert Laurence Clemons.

Header photo: Phoenix Fly at Weavers Fields by Gino Brignoli


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