Rain garden guide launched


The Rain Garden Guide was launched in July. The free online guide explains what a rain garden is, why we should create them, and how to do it.

In its simplest form, a rain garden is a shallow depression, with absorbent, yet free draining soil and planted with vegetation that can withstand occasional temporary flooding. Rain gardens help our gardens to deal more effectively with heavy rain, but they also filter and clean runoff. They are therefore an important way to help make our cities more sustainable, especially in a changing climate where extreme weather events are likely to become more frequent. A rain garden can also be designed and planted to provide valuable habitat for wildlife. The photo above, of a rain garden in Islington, was taken by Bob Bray.

The guide is intended to help the homeowner or property manager to create a simple rain garden within their own property. It can be downloaded from the Raingardens.info website.


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