Artists brighten up the Soanes Centre with murals of threatened wildlife


At the end of June, top street artists painted endangered British wildlife on the Soanes Centre in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. This follows the very popular Endangered 13 murals of globally-threatened animals painted on the railway arches along Ackroyd Drive Green Link earlier this year.

redsquirrelmural700Cemetery Park Manager Ken Greenway, who organised the painting, explains:
“We sourced funding from a City-based Company and we linked with a chap called Bablu, who lives on Brick Lane. He’d approached us following the success of the work on Ackroyd Drive. He found the artists and got sponsors for the spray paint. Three artists were asked to paint around the theme of “Endangered UK” but in a friendly, colourful way due to the nature of the building’s use, welcoming thousands of school children every day. Roo painted the Wild Cat (below), Hedgehog (top) and Red Squirrel (left), Annatomix is to finish her bee and Lilly Lou is painting new lettering on the doors of the Soanes Centre. The Soanes Centre looks so much more colourful and welcoming. We’re so proud of what has been completed so far and look forward to seeing the other pieces completed.”

wildcatmural700All photos by Ken Greenway/Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park


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