Textile design students visit Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park


Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is frequently used for educational visits, in a wide range of subjects. Science, history, art and architecture are the most obvious candidates, but textile design might not be among the first to come to mind. However, for the second successive year, “Urban Habitats” is the theme for the Brady Centre’s summer school textiles class. So it is no surprise that the students found inspiration among the cemetery’s trees, flowers and monuments on a visit in early August.

Brady students at Cemetery ParkAfter a brief introduction to urban habitats and walk through the site with the Council’s Biodiversity Officer, the students settled down to draw, photograph and take rubbings from a wide range of objects, both natural and manmade. Some of the preliminary sketches look stunning, and suggest that these students could have a great future in textiles.

All photos by John Archer

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