Two new beetles in Cemetery Park


Edward Milner, who undertakes spider and beetle surveys in Tower Hamlets parks, writes:

My beetle expert Norman Heal has looked at a small batch from last winter and found two species that were new to Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

Othius subuliformis is a rather beautiful little rove beetle, about 5 millimetres long. It is dark orange and brown and, like all rove beetles, is carnivorous. It’s not uncommon, with widely scattered records over much of Britain, as this distribution map shows.

The Clover Seed Weevil (Protapion apricans) is also rather elegant. It is tiny, just 3-3.5 millimetres long, black with orange and black legs. As its English name suggests, it is associated with clovers (Trifolium spp). The adults mostly eat clover leaves, while larvae eat developing seeds. It can be a pest of agricultural clover crops, but is not going to do any harm in Cemetery Park. It is common and widespread in southern Britain, as this map shows. You can read more about this little weevil on Wikipedia.

This brings the total number of beetles recorded in Cemetery Park to 431. There should be quite a few more when Norman catches up with specimens collected this year!

Othius subuliformis

Othius subuliformis by URSchmidt [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons






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