Mile End Park wildlife update


There’s lots happening for wildlife at Mile End Park this spring. The makeover of the Arts Pavilion pond has been completed. Coir (coconut fibre) rolls have been installed, and the seeds within them should soon grow into thriving wetland vegetation, concealing the stark concrete edges of the pond and providing habitat for birds, amphibians and insects.

The scrape by the Palm Tree pub, which was created a couple of years ago, is developing into an interesting wildlife habitat. This shallow excavation is intended to remain damp for more of the year than the surrounding area, providing different conditions for plants and animals. In 2010 we observed the first annual plants beginning to colonise, and this spring grasses have started to appear. Spider traps, set to monitor small animals in the area, show that the first pioneer spiders (species which like bare, open vegetation) have moved in. Watch this space for further developments….

Finally, over 1000 woodland wild flowers are soon to be planted in the park’s woods and copses.

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