Pond makeover at Mile End Park


The Art Pavilion pond in Mile End Park is getting a make-over this March, by being transformed into a thriving wildlife haven for urban animals.

The Veolia Environmental Trust has awarded Froglife, in partnership with Tower Hamlets Council, funding to increase the biodiversity of the pond and encourage an array of animals to visit the pond such as frogs, dragonflies and bats.

The existing pond has hard concrete edges making it very difficult for plants to colonise. Coir rolls and pallets made of natural coconut matting, pre-planted with native wildflower and grass seeds, will be established all the way around the pond edges. This will attract a variety of animals to the pond to breed, feed and bathe.

Volunteer days will be organised to plant up hundreds of wildflower plants around the pond in the spring to attract nectar loving insects such bumblebees and butterflies as well as local families to picnic by the pond in the summer.

This exciting new project will greatly enhance the local area for local children. Many children living in Tower Hamlets do not have access to a private garden, emphasising the need for good quality green spaces where children can learn and play outdoors and demonstrating that people need to have good local parks that they can visit, relax and enjoy.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Tower Hamlets Parks Service by e-mail or on 020 7364 4147 for more information.

For more information about how to conserve and encourage Amphibians and Reptiles see Froglife’s website or call 01733 558844


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