Poplar HARCA’s sunflower spectacular


As reported in this post in June, Poplar HARCA planted 6000 sunflower seeds at various locations around its Sunflowers in tree pitsestates, as part of a programme to help bees and other pollinating insects. Tim Wilcox, Landscape Manager at Poplar HARCA, reports on the results:

“We’ve had some good successes with the sunflowers in planters and tree pits, and the bees are loving them. They’ve not worked so well in open ground. I think it was too dry early on, and then there was too much competition with the grass.”

Now, at the end of August, there’s a blaze of yellow in planters on Fern Street (above) and in tree pits on Brion Place (left and below left). Buff-tailed Bumblebees (below right) are enjoying the flowers on Fern Street.

All photos by Tim Wilcox/Poplar HARCA (click photos to enlarge)

Sunflowers in tree pitsBuff-tailed Bumblebee on sunflower


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